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The "Txmasons.gif" graphic was created by Johnny McKinney (PM),  who is the Secretary/Webmaster for La Porte Lodge No. 857, AF & AM.  Permission has been obtained from Bro. McKinney to use the "Txmasons.gif" graphic as the Texas Masonic Web Ring Logo.

Definition & Statement of Purpose:

The Texas Masonic Web Ring is a ring of Masonic webpages and/or websites located and dealing with Masonry in the State of Texas and are associated with the Grand Lodge of Texas, AF & AM.  From any page in the ring you can click on the "Next" button to go to the next site.  If you do this often enough (and ideally you will), you will eventually be brought back to wher you started.

The Texas Masonic Web Ring was constructed so that Freemasons, members of affiliated Masonic organizations, and non-Masons would be able to view the ever-growing Masonic presence of Texas Masonry on the Internet with ease.  As more sites link to the Texas Masonic Web Ring, the virtual Masonic community of Texas on the Web will be brought even closer.  Whether you are searching for light, have light to impart, or both, the Texas Masonic Web Ring offers the Masonic residents of the "Net" and non-Masons alike the opportunity to meet, greet, and learn from one another.


Membership Requirements:

In order for your site to be considered for membership in the Texas Masonic Web Ring, it must first meet the following criteria:


Submit Your Site:

If you beleive your site meets the criteria for membership, then you are cordially invited to submit your site for review by clicking here.

Once your site has been submitted, it will be placed in the "queue" for review by the Ring Master; however, your site will not be added to the ring until the necessary HTML has been placed on your page (if you have more than one page containing Masonic content, then the HTML should be placed on the first page).  An example of what your Net Ring link will look like is located near the bottom of this page.

Once you have added the HTML fragment for the Net Ring (which you will be able to copy from either the page you will see after you submit your site or from an e-mail you will receive shortly thereafter) to your webpage, you must e-mail the Texas Masonic Web Ring Master and notify him that you have done so.  Your site will then be reviewed.

Additionally, your place in the Web Ring queue will only be good for 30 days, after which it will expire and your Site ID will become available to other applicants.   If you fail to add the necessary HTML to your page within a week after entering the queue, you will need to re-submit your page for consideration and take the necessary action in a more timely fashion.

You will be notified via e-mail when your site has been added to the queue, added to the ring, if you have been denied membership, or if your place in the queue has expired.



The Ring Master reserves the right to deny and/or revoke membership in the Texas Masonic Web Ring without notice to any person or website failing to meet the guidelines outlined under "Membership Requirements," or for any reason whatsoever.

Neither the Ring Master, nor the Texas Masonic Web Ring are responsible for the content of websites included in the ring.  While every effort will be made to ensure that the content of members' pages consistently adheres to our published guidelines and the membership requirements of the ring, in the end each individual member is responsible for the content of his or her webpage or website, and the consequences of his or her presence on the Internet.

Web Ring has an utility to let the web ring administrator test the ring.   This utility checks every member of the ring to make sure their pages are still up and that the pages contain the required Ring HTML.  If any page is found lacking, the Ring Master will e-mail the owner of the page to inform them of the problem.  You will have 48 hours to correct the problem or inform the Ring Master of when the corrections should be expected.  If no answer is received the page will be removed from the ring.


HTML Ring Fragment:

This is an example of how the Texas Masonic Web Ring should look on your page:


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Note:  You will receive a customized HTML Fragment when you register your site.  Once you have received this customized HTML Fragment copy and paste it to your website on the desired page.



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